R10 / R20

1963 - 1975

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R10 & R20 were the first constant load load balances manufactured by Oertling. They are a two knife edge design with air damping and a pre-weighing device.

The pre-weighing device consisted of a calibrated leaf spring with a 100g capacity mounted to the side of the beam,a knife edge is mounted on the side of the beam. When the pan is loaded and the balance released the knife edge comes in to contact with the calibrated spring and the weight of the sample is displayed to the nearest g on the ground glass display. The balance is arrested and the indicated weight on the pre-weigh scale is set on the weight loading dials and the balance is released in the fine weigh position and the precise reading taken.

R20 Capacity 200g Readability 0.1mg Pre-weighing range 100g

R10 Capacity 200g Readability 1mg Pre-weighing range 100g